And the winner is…

Received back the piece that won best in show. It didn’t sell, but I really love this print, so I am glad to have it hanging in my home. It is only 4″x4″ but I framed it in a mat that is 18″x18″. I love to work small, or very big. When I work “mid-size” it just doesn’t work for me.

Best In Show

Started new series

In the studio today preparing boards , trying new tecniques. I love squares and rectangles and hope to do a series based on these shapes

Sold my favorite monotype

I was up in a town called Minneola, just northwest of Orlando. It was a small event and I was doing a demo on my HOTBOX. I had made small monotypes, about 4×4 on rice paper. I framed a few, and since it was Valentine’s Day I thought that I would just give out a free one to whomever stopped by my booth. A women asked if the framed art was for sell, and of course I said yes.
Here is my little table display at the fair.My little mobile art studio

New Direction of work

I decided I wanted to work small in encaustics. That decisions has to do with space. The space I work in just doesn’t allow it.
I noticed that I am always attracted to small works (less than 12×12) or very, very , very large. If you put me in a room with small, med and large work I always go to either end of the spectrum. I believe it is because I am a middle child. So here is a small work made from burning the wood, pouring the wax and then using tea bag with ink.Wax block

Works on Paper

In the studio
In the studio
wax on paper
wax on paper

I started to work today, but decided to work on paper first. Since I work on wood panels, I can experiment on the paper and then I can work on the panels. I actually like working on the paper. I just have to be careful and not put on too many layers of wax. Here I am in the studio preparing the paper and one of the final pieces. I am now working on a large panel with the same technique as the paper and will develop a series of these.

Shawna Moore at Jackson Hole

I just attended Shawna Moore’s workshop at the Jackson Hole Art Association. It was well worth the 5 hour flight from Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah, and then the 5 hour car drive through the farms of Idaho and then through the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The facility was great. I found Shawna from a movie that she has posted on You Tube and had to take a class with her. I have to say that I am so happy with what I learned  from her. Not only did it confirm that this is what I want to do, I want to do it NOW!!!! Each time I take an encaustic painting class I know that I am one step closer in developing my own voice. Since I was a commercial art director for my entire career, I am use to designing product and art to what the customer wants and not what I want. So I am very, actual excellent at making the client happy, but now it has to be about me.  See Shawna’s movie  

and I hope you are as inspired as I still am. thanks Shawna

Time to build a web site

I have finally decided that it is time to build a website to showcase my work. I have been putting it off for over a year. I have designed many websites over the past few years and have decided that “I hate it”. As a former art director and graphics designer, one would think that it would be just another creative “thing” for me. In the past the web sites that I designed were for doctors, consultants, non-art related businesses. Real boring stuff. I even took a course to learn dreamweaver so that I would not have to deal with”code”, but I learned nothing. (the teacher only wanted to teach color theory to all these techies in the class as I was the only artist). So with that all said, I dread the job ahead of me. But I know that it is important for me to help promote my artwork. If anyone knows of a create program that can help me do this task, I am all ears?

A Call to artist who work with wax

Since I started working in Wax for over a year now, I am always looking for workshops, other artists, venues that also use wax. I have found many on the west coast and the north east, but none in the south. So I started my research and contact the other organizations to see if they wish to have a south east or Florida representation or to assist me. Kim Bernard ( was very helpful as to how to start a “group” of artist that work in wax. So this is the call to all artist that are in South Florida (we need to start local) who use wax in their art (painting, sculpture, mix-media etc.) and looking to be part of an artist organization that can promote and create our own shows, conduct workshops and to better give our art more exposure. If you are out there, please contact me. I do not want the group to be “my” group, but a group of artists that are looking to form a our own community for artists that work in wax. Please contact me if you are interested.

new series

one1.jpgTo keep myself focused, I decided to work in a series. I have many styles that I wish to explore and many times when I work on one piece, I get an idea for another piece. Sometimes within the same concept, but many times very different. Since this “bouncing around of concepts” has been frustrating for me, I have a solution. I have pre-cut 12×12 inch squares and each one can be an idea. Then I can revisit each idea and expand upon it to create a series. So the fist series is titled “Steppingstones” and it is wax, collage and thread, the second series is titled “flowers” and it is wax, encaustic, and tissue papers. Lets hope that this will keep me focus.