Santa Fe Day 2 and everyone seems to be reinventing themselves…

Just finished and I am exhausted. Learned how to dip papers in wax, fuse with a 600 watt light bulb (with protective eyewear) and worked on scrolls. I am on overload. But Paula always has fun workshops. Decided to purchase another Hotbox with a large plate. I like to work very small or very big.
It was interesting that 2 other “artists” are thinking about becoming full time artists. These 2 artists I met 3 years ago at Ghost Ranch in Abiqui. Now they, like myself are looking to retire from our full time jobs to pursue our art.
There must have been something in the water that day at the Ghost Ranch. We are 3 different age groups, even though I am on the verge of still being a baby boomer, yet we are all in the same place.
I posted all the photos of the workshop on my flicker page.

last piece and exhausted

Friday I arrived at Monserrat

My flight arrived 30 minutes early into Logan Airport. I was surprised at how chilly it is up here in New England. Living in South Florida for 15 years has thinned my blood. So I have arrived at the Third National Encaustic Art Conference at Monserrat College of Art located in Beverly, MA.

Since Friday is an open Demostration day, I decided to stop by and say hello to Paula Roland. I have taken 2 workshops with Paula and I encourage everyone to go. You can find the link on this site. Paula also won honorable mention in the show that the college curated.(2 of her 3 paintings are shown in this post)

Here is a photo of Paula demonstrating monotype on her “HOT BOX”. The other photo is of her artwork that is hanging at the 301 Cabot Street gallery

Paula at the Hot Box
Paula at the Hot Box
2 pieces from the 301 gallery
2 pieces from the 301 gallery