Time to get focused…

as usual, I cannot focus and the nothing gets done. I go from drawing/sketching, to my encaustics to my quilting to the computer and then at the end of the week I get nothing finished. I guess I have art ADD.

So I decided to create a process for myself. I am going to create a series- sketch+sew+ paint. Originally I was going to call it Paint & Stitch (just may still call it that) but this way I can sketch out the painting, then I am going to sew it (probably needlepoint or embroidery, maybe quilting of some sort????) and then I am going to paint it (not sure it it will be in encaustic or acrylic)

I actually love to sew and as a child my mom taught me needlepoint and embroidery; I find it the most relaxing thing in the world. I have been know to needlepoint an entire square in one color.  Since my blood pressure has been going up again, I think it would be therapeutic and better then taking the meds.

I also needed a way to get out of the house, so the sketching and sewing part can be done at the coffee shop and the painting can be in the studio.

If this doesn’t fix my focus, I am not sure what will.

How to stay motivated, or am I being lazy

I finally finished painting the entire house, including my studio, which I thought would get me motivated to be creative. It did the opposite; I don’t want to get anything dirty.
But with that being said, I know I have to motivate myself and get back into the studio to work. Can’t reach my goal of having my own show, if I have no work to show. Somehow it is easier said then done.
So I decided that, yes I am being a bit lazy, and I need to kick start my creativity.
When I was a fashion designer I would scour for hours in magazines looking for colors, fonts, anything that would catch my eye. I would sit with 4 blank illustration boards and go through all the fashion magazines or home design mags and other materials and just start to create each board with a theme. Tearing out what items I liked. These would be my inspiration boards and from each one would come a collection. It worked.

So can I apply the same process of getting motivated and getting ideas for a fashion line into getting ideas and motivation for a series of paintings?

I guess I will find out.

First time my art was rejected from a local show…

I was so excited to submit a piece of work in a show at a local gallery called “Summer Heat”. I just started this new process of melting the wax under a 600 watt lamp and working with the drips. I also thought how appropriate it was “melted” for a show titled “Summer Heat”.
I have not been successful with the local art guilds in South Florida and there are now many “vanity Galleries” that you pay for wall space. But I have faith that I will find my niche here in South Florida. Since I am not working full-time at the moment, I can work in the studio and start to connect with the galleries in Miami.
But I must admit I am upset. I have never had my work rejected, but then again, it may not fit in with the other work that was submitted.
I wonder if they will return my entry fee????

All my social media is overlapping

Okay, I finally have social media overload. I use ping.fm to update all my info, twitter, this blog, facebook, and then I added Foursquare, which now updates even my linkedin account.
So now I have to unlink everything and keep some media separate. I know that it would be best to use just one that works best for me, but I always think that the more the better. However, I had promised myself that my blog should just be about art and nothing else. So I will be posting art, and only art on the blog and work will be on my other blogs and such.
I am sure that in a few weeks there will be a new social media out on the market and once again, I will be “overlapping” all my info. Maybe I should develop an anti-social media app for my iphone.

Santa Fe Day 2 and everyone seems to be reinventing themselves…

Just finished and I am exhausted. Learned how to dip papers in wax, fuse with a 600 watt light bulb (with protective eyewear) and worked on scrolls. I am on overload. But Paula always has fun workshops. Decided to purchase another Hotbox with a large plate. I like to work very small or very big.
It was interesting that 2 other “artists” are thinking about becoming full time artists. These 2 artists I met 3 years ago at Ghost Ranch in Abiqui. Now they, like myself are looking to retire from our full time jobs to pursue our art.
There must have been something in the water that day at the Ghost Ranch. We are 3 different age groups, even though I am on the verge of still being a baby boomer, yet we are all in the same place.
I posted all the photos of the workshop on my flicker page.

last piece and exhausted

What is a Hot Cake??

A few weeks ago I was part of an art fair in Minneola, Florida. I was doing an encaustic Hot Box demo and I was making small 4×4 abstracts. I had framed a few pieces and my intention was just to show how encaustic wax can be used as for a monotype. Well one women insisted on purchasing one in a frame and a few others. Since then people have been emailing me when I can come back or how do they purchase a piece. So I am going to be posting them on line to sell. Go know that a demo can become a piece of art. I guess the public is more creative then I am.

Distress is the look for me… for now

I finally found a look that I like. It only has taken me 2 years to find a theme to work on. I had been trying all different techniques, but I know that when I worked in acrylics I always like the negative space and would remover layers with sandpaper. I can’t sandpaper the wax, but I do like to scrap. I also have to slow down, as I get to anxious and have to remember to scrap when the wax has sat for a few hours. I would always scrap when the wax was not cool and I would scrape off everything down to the panel. I am so use to working in fashion at a frantic pace-I lived Project Runway, and I have to remember that I don’t do that anymore.
But I am really happy with this direction I am taking.