this word really does exist

During my last art workshop in Santa Fe, I learned a technique that everyone in the class came to refer to as “transparentized” the paper. Of course we all decided that it was made up word in the class. It is the process of taking your paper and adding beeswax to create a transparent appearance. So everyone started calling it transparatizing, as in “I finished my monoprint but now I want to transparentize it…” So it was the on going word that we keep using, but always thinking that the word was just created by use in the workshop. It became one of my favorite techniques. So last week will visiting my hometown of NYC, I went to MOMA and there was my word. William De Kooning has a work on display and the info card reads “transparentized”. So of course I took a picture (not of the artwork, just the card on the wall). So the word really does exist

A Call to artist who work with wax

Since I started working in Wax for over a year now, I am always looking for workshops, other artists, venues that also use wax. I have found many on the west coast and the north east, but none in the south. So I started my research and contact the other organizations to see if they wish to have a south east or Florida representation or to assist me. Kim Bernard ( was very helpful as to how to start a “group” of artist that work in wax. So this is the call to all artist that are in South Florida (we need to start local) who use wax in their art (painting, sculpture, mix-media etc.) and looking to be part of an artist organization that can promote and create our own shows, conduct workshops and to better give our art more exposure. If you are out there, please contact me. I do not want the group to be “my” group, but a group of artists that are looking to form a our own community for artists that work in wax. Please contact me if you are interested.

Is a painting of a tree “eco-friendly”?

A few weeks ago I attended the Broward County Red Cross Designer Showcase. When I got to the beautiful houses on Las Olas, I was told that the art was all “eco-friendly”. What I discovered was the paint used through out all the homes was a new low-odor, evironmentally friendly housepaint. But I was also told that all the art/painting on the walls are “green”. I think the host was confused as to paint on the walls being this new enviromentally safe product, to what he thought was paintings of seashells and palm trees. But it did get me thinking. All the art in the houses had a nature them, beaches, sand, seashells, ocean views, florals etc. But all the art was made from oil or acrylic paint. All of which use chemicals, mineral spirits, turpentine, mediums, and what is not used is tossed in the garbage or washed down the sink. This is probably why I work in encaustics. The stuff is beeswax and it never goes to waste. Almost everything that I use is recycled. I paint on wood, there is no washing of brushes, the beeswax has no chemicals in it, the damar is from trees, I don’t waste any paint. Once I mix a color, I can just remelt it and it never goes to waste. Wax, to me is the true “eco-friendly” product. The only thing that I really use is electricity, which is generated by some plant that adds to the carbon output. But I can’t eliminate everything. To me the real “green” art is not the subject matter, it is the media.

Monoprint Encaustic-Test

I leave for Santa Fe on Wednesday for my monoprint classes with Paula Rolland. But of course, I can’t wait, so I decide to “figure it out on my own” I already own a Hot Box to make the prints and I have encaustic pigments so I experimented on my own. It took a few attempts and I created the piece on view here. monoprint.jpgBut as usual, I was rushing the process to do more with no technical experience and, well, lets just say I will wait for the class. I made more of a mess and wasted my supplies. But I believe in trial and error. But at least I will know what not to do.

new series

one1.jpgTo keep myself focused, I decided to work in a series. I have many styles that I wish to explore and many times when I work on one piece, I get an idea for another piece. Sometimes within the same concept, but many times very different. Since this “bouncing around of concepts” has been frustrating for me, I have a solution. I have pre-cut 12×12 inch squares and each one can be an idea. Then I can revisit each idea and expand upon it to create a series. So the fist series is titled “Steppingstones” and it is wax, collage and thread, the second series is titled “flowers” and it is wax, encaustic, and tissue papers. Lets hope that this will keep me focus.