Call to Artists-” The Give and Get Show”

As many or most of you must know, I am very involved with raising money and volunteering. I have worked in the past as a development officer for non-profits. This year I was elected to the Board of my Junior League (we are very diversified) I decided to host a fundraiser that would incorporate artists, the local community, the Jr. League and a local art gallery.

Here is the details of the event-

Nov 19-20 is the event.
Artists to submit up to 3 pieces of artwork – all must be 8×10 (no stretched canvas) we ask that works be on paper.
All Artists are asked to submit a bio and contact info with their artwork and a thank you note to the new owner.
Artists will receive recognition on the Junior League of Greater Ft. Lauderdale website and email blast (with a link to your site)
Proceeds for this fundraiser will go back into the community projects. The Junior League has only 1 part-time employee, so all funds to do not support the league, but the community that it serves.
The St. Lawrence Gallery will also be able to see new artists for their gallery.

The League has over 500 members who come out and support our events. We also attract the community as well and advertise all of our events in the local press.  To learn more about my league go to

For a call to artist application please click on the link here:

give and get call to artists

For those artists who are looking for exposure into the South Florida area, what better way then with this event.

A Call for Artists…

A few  weeks ago I put out a call for artists who use encaustic/wax in their artwork. I am looking to form a group in South Florida so that we can exchange info, start workshops and create our own group shows. If you are in the South Florida area and interested please send me an email. I know you are out there!!!!

A Call to artist who work with wax

Since I started working in Wax for over a year now, I am always looking for workshops, other artists, venues that also use wax. I have found many on the west coast and the north east, but none in the south. So I started my research and contact the other organizations to see if they wish to have a south east or Florida representation or to assist me. Kim Bernard ( was very helpful as to how to start a “group” of artist that work in wax. So this is the call to all artist that are in South Florida (we need to start local) who use wax in their art (painting, sculpture, mix-media etc.) and looking to be part of an artist organization that can promote and create our own shows, conduct workshops and to better give our art more exposure. If you are out there, please contact me. I do not want the group to be “my” group, but a group of artists that are looking to form a our own community for artists that work in wax. Please contact me if you are interested.