Be part of the Penny Experiment…

I just signed up to be part of the penny experiment ( Jeffrey Strain is attempting to turn a penny that he found on the ground into 1 million meals for food banks. Go to the web site and you can find out all the details. You can also email Jeffrey at
Just a few details, Jeffrey gives you a number ( I picked mine and its 14) and you create a piece of art about 3×5 using your number and a penny. There will be 100 pieces of art which he will catalog and sell. But I suggest that you go to the site and read it for yourself.


Starting New Years resolution early…

Since I never plan my New Year’s resolution, I just announce it on Jan 1 st, I decided this year that I need advance planning. I am sure that this is why the resolution never comes to fruition. This year I decided to being a full time artist who supports oneself from their art. Well, just announcing it is one thing, making it happen is another. I just thought I would twitter, facebook, and blog my way to accomplish my resolution. ¬†All of those vehicles have a purpose, but without a strategy it just makes me very efficient of learning every iPhone app to keep them all updated. And I don’t have a strategy for that either.

As I sit here planning my strategy for my day job ( I handle $9m in sales) I realized that I would have to start to plan my art career strategy. I have always been successful in my careers, but always for someone else. So tonight instead of working on my sales plan for work, when I am home it is about me.

I guess tomorrow I will not have my strategy ready for work, but I will have one ready for me. At this time in my life, that is more important.

Come this New Year when I announce my resolution I would have laid the groundwork this year, to make next year happen.

Time to build a web site

I have finally decided that it is time to build a website to showcase my work. I have been putting it off for over a year. I have designed many websites over the past few years and have decided that “I hate it”. As a former art director and graphics designer, one would think that it would be just another creative “thing” for me. In the past the web sites that I designed were for doctors, consultants, non-art related businesses. Real boring stuff. I even took a course to learn dreamweaver so that I would not have to deal with”code”, but I learned nothing. (the teacher only wanted to teach color theory to all these techies in the class as I was the only artist). So with that all said, I dread the job ahead of me. But I know that it is important for me to help promote my artwork. If anyone knows of a create program that can help me do this task, I am all ears?