New Series – a departure from what I normally do.

I have been very disturbed about the gun violence in America. So much so that I decided to paint about it. At first I wanted to make an installation. A large grouping of trees, each representing a country and hanging from the branches would be a hanging something (of what I, do not know) to show the people of America how we have so many people die for no other reason than from a gun.  But I realized that I did not have the resources to execute such a large project. But I have been going through the data on the amount of deaths by guns in the USA. Many of the deaths are suicide. Which I was shocked at the large number of those who use a gun to commit suicide. I wondered if those who did not have access to a gun would have still taken their own life or was the access to a gun enticed them to end their life. But I really want to show visually how many people die because of a gun. I truly believe that stronger gun control would lead to fewer deaths.

So today in the studio I started to work on the series. Not sure what to call the series. I am sure a name will come to me.

Ordnance #3  Wax on Panel 7″ x 5″ 



What is Art. Post. Promote?

For many years I was a marketing manager. I was very good at it. It was before social media. Some times I was called brand manager or art director. Each company had a different title, but basically all the same. How to engage people is basically what I did.

I finally created my own small business (a skincare biz) and the world of social media was just expanding. So I saw it as an opportunity of free advertising. I took every webinar I could find and viola, I learned how to promote my business and drive traffic to my website and then into my shop. It works. But it takes planning and time.  So my day job keeps me so busy that I can barely put in studio time. A good problem to have, unless like me you start to burn out. I have my day business up and running and earning me a living, and after 5 years it is time for me to focus back on my painting. But I still cannot stop being that marketing person. So I started to apply what I learned for my day biz into my art. Somethings are the same, but boy are some things so different. So if you want to learn along with me of what works or not, then come on over to FB and join Art.Post.Promote or just keep on following along here on my blog.


Another Video on Citrasolv

Thanks to everyone who reposted the video or sent in questions. I did another video to help explain or re-explain the first video.

Keep the questions coming and check back soon for the next tutorial.

Was crafting today and this happened

I decided to take a break today and just do something that required no thought. So I really went back to basics and made a paper mache bowl. When the glue dried and I unmolded the bowl I found a saying”ideas for good” right in the bottom of the bowl. Since it was hidden from my view during the layering process that it must be a message. So this bowl now has a purpose and I always have ideas that I write on scraps of paper which are all at the bottom of my handbag, so now they gave a place. I guess my mindless activity was not so mindless

How to stay motivated, or am I being lazy

I finally finished painting the entire house, including my studio, which I thought would get me motivated to be creative. It did the opposite; I don’t want to get anything dirty.
But with that being said, I know I have to motivate myself and get back into the studio to work. Can’t reach my goal of having my own show, if I have no work to show. Somehow it is easier said then done.
So I decided that, yes I am being a bit lazy, and I need to kick start my creativity.
When I was a fashion designer I would scour for hours in magazines looking for colors, fonts, anything that would catch my eye. I would sit with 4 blank illustration boards and go through all the fashion magazines or home design mags and other materials and just start to create each board with a theme. Tearing out what items I liked. These would be my inspiration boards and from each one would come a collection. It worked.

So can I apply the same process of getting motivated and getting ideas for a fashion line into getting ideas and motivation for a series of paintings?

I guess I will find out.

Looking to apply for grants and…

Today I decided to be proactive and reapply for funding from NYFA. I applied last year and didn’t get it. So I went to the website today only to discover that the application for 2011 is already closed. Today is only Jan 11, the 11th day of the new year and they are not accepting any more applications. Oh well, There is always next year.

New Year, New art direction

It is the end of the year and time to review what I have accomplished with my artwork. I did enter 2 shows, received recognition from one and sold a painting in another. So not bad since I only worked on my art part-time. So I need to find the time to work on a series of work and decide what direction my art will take. How does an artist find the time and know if the direction that they are taking is the right one?????