Magazine Paper transfer onto Wax

I have tons of fashion magazine at the house. I was a 7th Ave. Fashion Designer and a Retail Executive for a famous department store, and I admit that I LUV FASHION.  I grew up in the “garment center” and yes I am what you would call an original “Garmento”.   I had my dream and career and now I can focus on other things, like art.  But I still cannot resist going through all the glossy magazines and looking at all those red bottom shoes.

So what do I do with all the magazines. Recycle them into my artwork. Since I do not like images in my work, but I like mosaic, patterns and colors.

This video will show you how to use glossy magazines and transfer the color into encaustic wax.

How to transfer magazine paper onto wax

One thought on “Magazine Paper transfer onto Wax

  1. This is great!
    Can you use this same technique with a colored laser printer photocopy?
    If you were to do a second transfer over the first using the magazine technique you showed, would I need to add a wax separation layer between the two?

    I was an interior designer and similarly have a huge stash of color samples from design magazines!

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