How to use Excel to create an art inventory…

When I was researching art software to purchase to keep track of my inventory, my husband reminded me that I could use Excel to create an inventory.

I use all word, excel, access, PowerPoint for my day job and never thought of using if for my art.

So I sat down at Excel and in 30 minutes had my inventory up and running. The hardest part is to just keep it up. But I found it to work well and also to work well for my graphic design business and also to inventory all the valuables in my house (even though I did videotape my house)

So I made a video and since I am an advance user in excel, I may have worked too fast for some. Please email me with any questions and I can help you or send you a starter template for this.

Good Luck!

30 thoughts on “How to use Excel to create an art inventory…

  1. hey, I knew that!!
    you could also automatically link each picture & number on your cover page to the page that belongs to it so you don’t have to look along the bottom

    I think I’ll go put pictures on my inventory that’s already in excel

    I also use QuickBooks accountant and think I can put pictures in there but I’ve never really looked into it

    Thanks ~ Sherry

    1. actually you can link the cell to the cell for the info but most people don’t know that, I told you, you would get it once you see it. easy breezy for excel queens

  2. Hi Aj,
    Did a Google Search about “keeping track of art inventory” and other programs and guess who popped up? you blog and Video. I didn’t want to go through major schooling or class session with a program. When I watched your presentation I was so excited. This something I could do and I’ve watched it twice and have it set up already…quick, simple and already has helped me get organized. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you! After trying out a few fancy art inventory programs – this is all that’s needed! Very good of you to share this information. I’m going to look at more of your work now, since there was just a glimpse in the vid.

  4. Are you still using this format? If so, how many pieces do you currently have saved? I am beginning the inventory process and I am nervous about having a file that is too large.

  5. just Seeing this… i have been using excel for awhile myself and a easy method to go directly to the sheet where the information is would be to hyper link the number below the painting to the when you click on the number it sends you directly to the page with the information

  6. I have an excel sheet for my inventory but I need to have a picture which reminds me which piece its referring to but I don’t know how to add the picture??? Help. and Thank you. Mosaic Art Greece Dimitra Colomvakou

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