So what does this photo and Citrasolv have in common…

iphone pics 032

This picture hangs in my studio. It is an old piece that was created with gloss medium that was thinned down and tinted with some acrylic paint to make a glaze. The sections that are multi color (on the photo they look like blobs) are made from re-purposed magazine paper. Yes, good ol’ Vogue Magazine. If Anna Wintour knew that her glossy pages had a second life.

But everyone asks how. I use CitraSolv- and orange based solvent found at health food stores, and in my home what I use to clean house and do laundry.

So I made a video to explain how it was made.


how to repurpose magazine paper with Citrasolv

5 thoughts on “So what does this photo and Citrasolv have in common…

    1. The kids will love it. I will be posting other “paper” making videos that are great for kids to do. Thanks for reading the blog and would love to see pictures of the results from your students

      1. I had a play day with CitraSolv and the results were so abstract I am in a quandary how to use them in my artwork. They are more “textures” than anything else. I am not really into collage or totally abstract works at this point, so I’ll file them away and perhaps revisit their potential usefulness at a later date. I also noted that the CitraSolv caused my latex gloves to expand and become very loose, to the point of being very fragile. I’m glad I used the gloves, however, as I wonder what would have happened to my skin without them! ;o} The leftover CitraSolv is being repurposed as a great cleaning product. Love the scent!

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