How to stay motivated, or am I being lazy

I finally finished painting the entire house, including my studio, which I thought would get me motivated to be creative. It did the opposite; I don’t want to get anything dirty.
But with that being said, I know I have to motivate myself and get back into the studio to work. Can’t reach my goal of having my own show, if I have no work to show. Somehow it is easier said then done.
So I decided that, yes I am being a bit lazy, and I need to kick start my creativity.
When I was a fashion designer I would scour for hours in magazines looking for colors, fonts, anything that would catch my eye. I would sit with 4 blank illustration boards and go through all the fashion magazines or home design mags and other materials and just start to create each board with a theme. Tearing out what items I liked. These would be my inspiration boards and from each one would come a collection. It worked.

So can I apply the same process of getting motivated and getting ideas for a fashion line into getting ideas and motivation for a series of paintings?

I guess I will find out.


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