Painting during a thunderstorm

It is rainy season here in South Florida. It is actually hurricane season, but since no threat of a hurricane, I will just say rainy season. Had a day off from work and it was a stormy day. I love to paint when it is like that. I guess it comes from my childhood. Growing up in NYC, you only had 8 weeks of summer weather and my mom would not let you stay inside. We went to the beach almost everyday and even when it was not summer, we had to be outside in the nice weather. So I guess I feel guilty to be inside when I have a day off to spend in my studio. I keep telling myself that it is always nice weather in South Florida, and there is no winter, but you know how mom’s just get that “guilt” into you. So I tend to work very late at night, or when I have a rainy day and can’t be outside. So I worked all day on this one piece. I can’t think of a name for it, but since it is a dark painting and it was storming all day, I should name it “Storm”  I used my small little iron that I purchased while at the Third Annual Encaustic Conference. The iron works best with small pieces, and it was a challenge to use the small iron for this size painting. So I had to use the blow torch for most of it.  So if anyone can think of a name for this painting, I am open to suggestions. I must have 20 layers of wax on this piece.

see all the drips
see all the drips
encaustic wax and gauze
encaustic wax and gauze
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