Fusing with the Hot Iron

When I walked into the vendor room at Monserrat College, there was a table with small irons that I have seen from the UK. Every demo that I have seen on the internet show this little iron, making landscape and floral paintings. Since my work is abstract I never thought of any use for this tiny iron. When I experiment at home, I have used a small travel iron, but have found that I can’t do anything but make a mess. So when Iwalked into my class this morning and saw that the iron demo was with this little aqua handled iron that I had already put on my list as do not bother with, I was in for a big surprised.

Teaching the class is Andrea Bird from Canada, and the AMAZING things that she showed us that you could do with this iron was beyond amazing. Of course I could not wait for the demo to be over, just so I could run back over to her booth to purchase my iron.  Here is the link to her site http://www.waxworkencaustics.com  for info on her and her iron. She also had encaustic medium that her son produces and it had the best label I have seen.

Andrea demonstrated how to make drips flat- I know that sounds odd, but flat drips just look great.

Here are pictures of the demo that Andrea pre

demostrating flat drips
demostrating flat drips
collage with iron
collage with iron
texture created with the iron
texture created with the iron


Andrea Bird
Andrea Bird

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