Thanks Shannon

Thanks to Shannon from for introducing herself to me. She has a group of artists that work in encaustic and sell on Etsy. Thanks for letting me join and very interesting site. I hope to be participate in some of their activities come the New Year. Since I work in retail, this is the busy season so I have little time to work on my art. During the holiday season I end up working what feels like 2 months in a row. And it takes my until Feb. to recover from Black Friday. I am already having nightmares about that day. If shoppers think it is hard to stand on line and shop. Think how hard it is for the retail employee. I work about 17 hours that day after cooking thanksgiving, cleaning up, getting up at 5am to get to the store by 7, open the registers, open the doors at 8 and shoppers are waiting outside. I am lucky if I have time to go the bathroom, let alone get home for dinner and then get up on Saturday and do it all again. It is sheer madness. You see, I was writing about the beeswaxteam and I am already consumed with Black Friday.


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