Staycation + Teaching=Creativity

I have been so busy on my “Staycation”. I started teaching classes in my study and working on a new series of work. While setting up my studio for classes,  I started to make tests boards, which led to my next series of work. Now that I am set up for “teaching” mode my creativity has kicked in. I guess when I see everything out and all “neat” it inspires me to work. Of course I made such a mess, that I had to “re-clean” the studio for the class. But tomorrow it is back to my “real” job, so I need to make the most of this creative time. The photo is of my new series (still trying to name it) made from beeswax/powdered graphite/encaustic pigment.


One thought on “Staycation + Teaching=Creativity

  1. Hi Amy! Great to see your new post. That’s very cool that you’re teaching, too. This image has a wonderful atmosphere to it…misty-ish and yet powerful. How did you work in the powered graphite?


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