Off to another encaustic workshop

It has been a challenge for me to find time at home to do any artwork. I just cleaned out my studio space and rearranged my hot plates so I hope this configuration will work better for me.  I also just sent out my check to the Atlanta Artists Center to take a one day encaustic workshop. These workshops always help me to kick start a project and I can concentrate on just the work. Since my studio space is in my house, I have so many distractions. The TV, phone, dog, laundry, dishes, etc… So I find I have to fly away to be able to work.  If I could find affordable space I would rent it. The Miami art district has space but it is to far to travel to and many of the art lofts do not have adequate ventilation for encaustic work. I also like to go to the workshops as I hope in the next year or two I can offer these workshops in South Florida.


10 thoughts on “Off to another encaustic workshop


    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Lissa,

      I teach in my home studio in Hollywood, Florida. I have been looking for other artists who work in wax in South Florida, but have not found anyone. If you are interested in a class, please see my link on the blog titled “workshops” If you do find a class in Miami, I would be interested. Many artists like to take classes from other artists to learn new techniques.

      1. Hi Joanne,

        I currently give individual lessons in my home studio. It is all the basics of encaustic. You don’t need to bring any supplies and it is about 4 hours and will teach you all the basics from fusing, to transfer, to any questions you have

  2. I am an artist and art instructor / oil and mixed media – I recently purchased encaustics and have been trying to teach myself. I am interested in learning more about the process. I have some connections in getting a workshop together in the area, and/or would be interested in coming to Hollywood, FL or any other location to learn and work with other artists. Vickie Marsango

  3. I, too, am looking for a workshop or shared experiences with others working in encaustics. Made a mess experimenting with soy wax this weekend. I live in Miami.


  4. If anyone hears of a class in the Tampa or Central florida area I am interested in learning how to work in Encaustics!

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