A Call to artist who work with wax

Since I started working in Wax for over a year now, I am always looking for workshops, other artists, venues that also use wax. I have found many on the west coast and the north east, but none in the south. So I started my research and contact the other organizations to see if they wish to have a south east or Florida representation or to assist me. Kim Bernard (www.kbernard.com) was very helpful as to how to start a “group” of artist that work in wax. So this is the call to all artist that are in South Florida (we need to start local) who use wax in their art (painting, sculpture, mix-media etc.) and looking to be part of an artist organization that can promote and create our own shows, conduct workshops and to better give our art more exposure. If you are out there, please contact me. I do not want the group to be “my” group, but a group of artists that are looking to form a our own community for artists that work in wax. Please contact me if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “A Call to artist who work with wax

  1. Hello i just came upon this sight when i thought i would search to see if anyone was out there working in Wax as i am. I am in Florida and i create wax figures for a living just like Vincent Price in the House of Wax (ok i don’t dip real people in a vat of boiling wax ) anyways check out my sight and say hello.

  2. A friend sent me your website because I have been looking for other artists working in encaustic in the South Florida area. I live in West Broward Co in Southwest Ranches. email me at knank@aol.com if you are interested in promoting encaustic. I’ve only worked in it a little bit but I am interested in doing more and learning more


  3. I have recently started using wax on canvas to layer threads and words in my work about maps. I am in the UK and interested in your page :o)

    1. Thank you for finding me. I have used thread as well. Do you have trouble getting the wax to stay on the canvas? I am told that the wax will eventually “crack” off the canvas. I would be interested in your technique.

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