New Series – a departure from what I normally do.

I have been very disturbed about the gun violence in America. So much so that I decided to paint about it. At first I wanted to make an installation. A large grouping of trees, each representing a country and hanging from the branches would be a hanging something (of what I, do not know) to show the people of America how we have so many people die for no other reason than from a gun.  But I realized that I did not have the resources to execute such a large project. But I have been going through the data on the amount of deaths by guns in the USA. Many of the deaths are suicide. Which I was shocked at the large number of those who use a gun to commit suicide. I wondered if those who did not have access to a gun would have still taken their own life or was the access to a gun enticed them to end their life. But I really want to show visually how many people die because of a gun. I truly believe that stronger gun control would lead to fewer deaths.

So today in the studio I started to work on the series. Not sure what to call the series. I am sure a name will come to me.

Ordnance #3  Wax on Panel 7″ x 5″ 


What is Art. Post. Promote?

For many years I was a marketing manager. I was very good at it. It was before social media. Some times I was called brand manager or art director. Each company had a different title, but basically all the same. How to engage people is basically what I did.

I finally created my own small business (a skincare biz) and the world of social media was just expanding. So I saw it as an opportunity of free advertising. I took every webinar I could find and viola, I learned how to promote my business and drive traffic to my website and then into my shop. It works. But it takes planning and time.  So my day job keeps me so busy that I can barely put in studio time. A good problem to have, unless like me you start to burn out. I have my day business up and running and earning me a living, and after 5 years it is time for me to focus back on my painting. But I still cannot stop being that marketing person. So I started to apply what I learned for my day biz into my art. Somethings are the same, but boy are some things so different. So if you want to learn along with me of what works or not, then come on over to FB and join Art.Post.Promote or just keep on following along here on my blog.


How to use Instagram as your photo inspiration storage

I have found that I am always having trouble locating photos that I take with my phone and can never find them again.

So I now use Instagram as a tool to help me keep my files organized also not have to worry about running out of storage.

I just snap a photo in Instagram and I just make a hashtag for it. Yep, that is so easy. So I just snap- create the hashtag- for example: #ajquilts or #ajideas. So then I can just go back into Instagram type in the search menu my hashtag and there are all my photos. Now I use to have #ajheart but other people used the same hashtag, so be unique so that you can just locate your own photos. Here is a quick video to explain it all.


Make a Color Wheel

When artists start out with encaustic, the first comment is “How many colors do I buy and the paint is so costly?” What everyone fails to remember is that color theory and mixing still applies. When the wax medium is melted it is in a liquid form. Just like any other painting medium. In watercolor you have pigment that mixes with water, acrylic mixes with matte/gloss gel medium, oil paints with linseed oil or liquin and encaustic mixes with encaustic medium or beeswax. You just have to stop thinking in wet and dry, to solid and melted. Once the colors are melted and liquid you can mix your colors. Remember encaustic pigments are made from the same pigments as oil paints, just instead of being in oil, the pigment is in encaustic medium.

For this exercise you will need Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Phthalo Blue and Alizarin Crimson. I have been told that this is an exotic palette, so I blame that on living in South Florida. You will also need a matte board, brushes and a heated palette.

R&F Encaustic Paints
R&F Encaustic Paints

These are the large bricks but you can purchase the smaller size.

So gather your paints and follow along.

Here is the videos from YouTube to follow along

My first “RED” dot in my home town

I was hesitant to enter anymore local art shows.  But I was working in the studio and was really at a cross roads. I had 3 ideas but was not sure which way to go.  So when I saw the call to artists for the 12 x 12 show at Artserve in Fort Lauderdale, I decided t enter. The reason was, if one piece sold, well then that would be the series I would work on.  Of course I assumed that a piece would sell (even though I have also many times have been rejected and not sold) But I sold 2 pieces.  

But it was interesting because the piece that I wanted to do a series on (a look that I have done before) was the piece that did not sell.


So the red pieces sold. Maybe it was a theme


2013-02-02 00.44.27 2013-02-07 19.06.29